The Highly Conscious Approach To Doing Business

A ‘conscious’ business means you are aware, well informed and mindful about the way in which you conduct your business and who you are as business owner. You are in touch with a bigger picture and know the context in which your business operates.

We often talk about being health conscious, fashion conscious or being environmentally aware. But we rarely talk about this in our own small businesses setting.

Which is a missed opportunity!

Because when you bring a high level of consciousness into your work you’ll create more clarity and depth in what you do, you’ll make a positive difference to all the people you work with and over time magnetically attract your target audience.

And you will know why you are doing what you are doing!

Consider the conscious choices and decisions you make in these five areas and how they can help you bring more people and opportunities flocking to your door…

1. Map out a business vision and plan which is appealing to everyone you come into contact with and demonstrates the value and benefits you bring to your clients and your environment. Step by step take action on that plan, bring it to life, refer to it daily and make adaptations along the way so that your vision becomes a reality.

As the author Kenneth Labich writes “Don’t underestimate the power of a vision. McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc, pictured his empire long before it existed, and he saw how to get there. He invented the company motto – ‘Quality, service, cleanliness and value’ – and kept repeating it to employees for the rest of his life.”

2. Develop and nurture relationships with clients, potential clients, colleagues and friends so that all your interactions have a unique impact. When you consistently demonstrate integrity, trust and value your reputation will spread and others will want to do business with you.

3. Know yourself and your values and don’t be afraid to bring those qualities into the work you do. When you start to live your whole life based on your values, for example freedom, adventure, wealth, spirituality etc, you will more naturally attract like-minded people who’ll want to do business with you.

4. Be aware of negative and self destructive beliefs that are holding you back. These could be thoughts about your ability to charge what you’re worth, promoting yourself, speaking in public or taking risks.

Beliefs can trip you up, get in the way of you moving forward and keep you from working with and helping more people. When you are conscious of how your beliefs might be holding you back you can make changes which will transform your whole approach to doing business.

5. Take time out to reflect on what is working, what needs to change and what needs to be done differently. Leadership coaches Mick Ukleja and Robert Lorber write, “Reflection is looking in so you can look out with a broader, bigger, and more accurate perspective.”

Without this mindful approach to doing business you could waste time, money and resources on initiatives and activities which bring little return on investment.

Why Invest In Steel Sidesteps For Your Vehicle

Steel sidesteps and adaptor racks are the kind of products you should be looking for if you want to add some stability to your vehicle and improve its aesthetic appearance at the same time. Regardless of the type of car you are driving, whether it is a regular four wheel drive or even an SUV, you will always be able to enjoy the advantages offered by these accessories and will not regret having made this kind of investment. Make sure you read the following lines in order to find out more.

First, here are some of the advantages that should provide you with enough motivation to get started:

• You will be able to drive your vehicle safely, regardless of the type of weather;
• Adaptor racks and steel sidesteps come in various shapes and sizes, making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for;
• The strength of the material used for these accessories will save you lots of money in the long run;
• There are multiple finish choices you can choose from, improving the overall strength of your vehicle even more;
• Mounting these accessories can usually be done by the driver in a couple of minutes, provided that they own the necessary tools.

Whether you are driving a monster truck or a regular SUV, solid steel sidesteps will always bring an improvement to your vehicle whenever you need that extra boost and want to be safe at all times as well. What is also really impressive about these products is the fact that they are built to last. So even though you use your vehicle frequently they will not deteriorate, saving you lots of money in the long run. What is more, there will be adaptor racks and steel sidestep available for your car regardless of its weight capacity.

We all know that wet weather can cause a lot of distress to any driver, regardless of their experience. With sidesteps, however, climbing into your vehicle will be significantly easier and the design of your car will be improved at the same time. Slippery surfaces will never be a problem for you and the people you will be driving. Most steel sidesteps are made with heavy-duty adhesive substances in order to ensure a better use.

Last but not least, the thickness of the accessories varies greatly and you will need to choose what is best for you according to the type of vehicle you are driving in order to avoid any clearance issues. All in all, these are some really useful pieces of information you will need whenever you are planning to invest into such accessories and you should not miss any detail if you want everything to be perfect.

The Garmin GPSMAP 62s – A Wise Investment or a Waste of Money?

If you enjoy outdoor adventures such as hiking, exploring, or even geocaching, a handheld navigation system is an important gadget that should accompany you; not only for convenience but for safety as well. Garmin, a truly trusted and respected GPS product manufacturer has made plenty of GPS devices over the past decade. The newly designed handheld navigator, the GPSMAP 62s, is a great addition to any outdoorsman’s gadget collection.

Some of the features of the 62s include: a three axis tilt-compensated compass, barometric altimeter and supports Custom Maps, BirdsEye Satellite imagery (with a purchased subscription) and photo navigation. With a highly-powerful antenna, you are sure to get perfect reception no matter where you travel. Rugged and durable, this model for sure will not disappoint you.

The GPSMAP 62s comes preloaded with built-in worldwide basemap with shaded relief so you can easily navigate to any desired destination with ease. Also, the photo navigation will allow you to download pictures from Garmin Connect Photos so you can navigate to them to explore.

This model has a three axis tilt-compensated electronic compass, which shows the direction you are heading even while standing still. There is no need to hold it level, as that is why it is called “tilt-compensated” and will work perfectly no matter how you hold it. Additionally, the barometric altimeter tracks changes in pressure which allows you to pinpoint your precise altitude, and can even to plot barometric pressure over time, which can help you keep monitor changing weather conditions.

Adding more maps is a simple and easy process. Garmin has a wide array of detailed topographic, marine and road maps to suit your favorite hobby or activity. This model features 1.7 GB of onboard memory, which means you can conveniently download 24K and 100K TOPO maps to hit the trail, plug in BlueChart g2 preloaded cards for maps of the water, or use City Navigator NT map data for turn-by-turn directions on roads and streets.

The Garmin GPSMAP 62s model also supports geocaching GPX files to allow you to download geocaches and details straight to the unit. This means you can go paperless and have more efficient geocaching adventures. This unit effectively stores and displays key information including location, terrain, difficulty, hints and descriptions, which alleviates the need to manually enter in coordinates and paper print outs.

Actual customers love this product and have an endless amount of great things to say about the 62s. With is durability, versatility, and ease of use, this model is a great investment for any outdoor enthusiast.